Monthly competitions 2017-2018
Monthly competitions2017-2018

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We are looking for images for the members gallery. Members may submit upto 12 images which can be up to 1600px wide x 1200px high and in sRGB colour space. If you have submitted images to Barbara which are 1400 wide these will be fine. Images smaller than this are perfectly acceptable. Let Rob Hume have any images you would like to be uploaded.

Members Galleries

Competition Images
Fred Parkinson's Gallery Fred Parkinson's Gallery
Link to Jane Dagnall's gallery Jane Dagnall's Gallery
Martin Wilson's Gallery Martin Wilson's Gallery
Link to David Robinson's gallery David Robinson's Gallery
Geoff Waring's Gallery Geoff Waring's gallery
Ken Birch's Gallery Ken Birch's Gallery
David Kevill's Gallery
Barbara Castelli's Gallery Barbara Castelli's Gallery
Link to Bryan Cherry's gallery Bryan Cherry's Gallery
Link to Rob Hume's Gallery Rob Hume's Gallery
Gary Poole's Gallery Gary Poole's Gallery
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